Reaching the Lost Generation

rlg log

This is a programme for disadvantaged young people aged 16-24 in Europe to develop their entrepreneurial skills, encourage them not to become a member of the ‘lost generation’ and to help them to find their way to a better future. (Erasmus+ Project, 2014-2017)


The target group of the project is made up of young people who are either unemployed, or are at risk of becoming unemployed, in Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom and in Poland. In 2013 a large proportion of young people (24% of the whole age group) were part of the so called NEET group (not in education, employment and training) in Europe. This project aims at creating a programme which promotes the development of their entrepreneurial and self-management skills and reinforces the proactive components of their behaviour.

demo_kep_03_cikkThe programme under development forms a 12 week training period – offering practices to shape skills, behaviour patterns and attitudes – which is introduced by an assessment day to test their motivation level, behaviour patterns, self-confidence and self-assessment and the preferential work styles of the participants. The programme focuses on the essential components of entrepreneurial competences as follows: inclination on learning, social skills, strong inner motivation to initiate activities, effective ways of solving problems, capability of decision making, taking responsibility, planning and management skills, adaptability and flexibility, taking risks, business thinking and awareness.

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