We have completed several longer and shorter research,
development and training projects during the last 16 years.
The biggest projects with international cooperation were as follows.

Engagement & Beyond

The Foundation started a new, three-year ERASMUS+ project, based on international cooperation in autumn 2017. The project aims at producing a toolkit to measure and develop the engagement of fellow workers in educational institutions.


Reaching the Lost Generation

This is a programme for disadvantaged young people aged 16-24 in Europe to develop their entrepreneurial skills, encourage them not to become a member of the ‘lost generation’ and to help them to find their way to a better future. (Erasmus+ Project, 2014-2017)


Common Goals – Common Ways

The project aimed at adapting good practice from abroad which supported learners to be successful in school and choice of career.


Other People’s Children

After completing a six month preparation period we arranged an American-Hungarian workshop entitled ‘Official culture and minority students’ in summer 2011. Dr Lisa Delpit, the author of ‘Other People’s Children’ played a key role in the workshop which was supported by the American Embassy in Budapest.


Fit for Business

‘Fit for Business’ (in a shortened form: Fifobi) was a three year, transnational research program carried out between 2009 and 2011 and supported by the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) of the European Union.