Pathways to Renewing VET (PR-VET)

The quality of education and training fundamentally affects the competitiveness of each country. The four-year project Pathways to Renewing VET (PR-VET) funded by the velux foundations, aims at finding and testing new ways and solutions of VET in Hungary in order to improve the quality of it. The beneficiary of the funding is Edunet Foundation. 

As for the target group, the project will put special focus on learners with ADHD and those who are under or just leaving state care. Modern VET-programmes are going to be elaborated and tested, eventually validated by external stakeholders in the frames of an action research. Besides, improvement of 21st century skills (creativity, team skills, digital skills etc.) will be emphasized, partly embedded in the VET programmes and partly via extracurricular activities. Resilience and other skills that are and will likely to be essential in the coming times, will also be paid attention to. All the above will be performed in green, sustainable, safe, community-based and inspiring learning environments where tradition and update technology meet. Learners will have the opportunity to do value-creating work and to work on problems linked to the real life during their whole training time. Training places will be set up in Cegléd, Lajosmizse and Kecskemét. Partners of the project will be local social enterprises that are strongly committed to the aims above. We are also determined to involve the greatest possible number of VET-stakeholders nationwide and offer the results to the widest audience possible.

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